The building of Sheraton Tirana Albania

Sheraton Tirana mysteriously exits SPG

Sheraton Tirana, the only SPG (Marriott) property in Albania, has exited Starwood Hotels, since the beginning of December.

At the moment, there is no notification on the website, as it usually happens when a property exits SPG, or shuts down.

Everything looks fine on the hotel’s official website, until you want to book a room. The page redirects to the SPG official website, where a notice appears: “We’re sorry; there are no hotels that match your criteria. Please start a new search, or visit our Hotel Directory to see a complete list of hotels”.

I contacted SPG Assist on Twitter to clarify and got the following reply: “The Sheraton Tirana Hotel doesn’t belong to us anymore, since the beginning of December. This is the reason why it is not on our SPG website”.

I checked the hotel a month ago and everything was fine (and there was no notice for its SPG exit); showing the prices, Starpoints needed for award stays and offers, even for March 2018. Now, they are gone!

While there isn’t any official explanation from the hotel, SPG or Marriot about this change, the Albanian Tour Operators’ Association (ATOA) on its official page on Facebook (link in Albanian), posted a long article saying that Sheraton is living Albania starting January 1, 2018 (which is wrong since they already exited SPG in the beginning of December).

The association, in this politicized post, (long story short) blames the government for not creating the proper environment for the upscale hotels, like Sheraton.  

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