EU borders shut for Albania, Turkey jumps in to get tourists

Turkey is a popular summer destination for the Albanian families. With all-exclusive offers including charter flights, thousands of Albanians flock the Turkish beaches for years now. Affordable offers, well organized tours and attractive tourist packages for years made Turkey one of the top destinations where Albanians holiday.

In recent year, the trend started to change as visa-free regime with Schengen countries made things easier for Albanians. Neighboring Italy and Greece saw increased numbers of Albanian beach-goers. So did Spain, Portugal and even Malta.

As the EU decided not to open its external borders for Albania — a political decision as the country’s Prime Minister called it, since EU believed fake coronavirus reports from Serbia when deciding opening the borders with this country— Albanians who were waiting for and EU borders’ opening on July 1, changed their plans.

Most of them rushed to book their holidays in Albania and others chose Turkey. 

Last month, the country opened its international land, sea and air borders. A number of anti-coronavirus measures remain in place. Arriving at the Turkish airports one must wear a mask and goes through a body temperature check.

Passenger entry into the terminals of Istanbul’s airports is now being strictly regulated, with officials checking temperatures at entrances and only allowing those with valid tickets to step inside. As part of the new rules, anyone entering the terminal at the airport will be obligated to wear gloves and face masks. 

Facility ventilation, cleaning controls and disinfection will also be done at the airport, while hand sanitizers will be positioned at all points of contact for passengers and personnel and thermal cameras will measure fevers of the passengers arriving at the terminal.

Social distancing rules are also being enforced for both passengers and airport personnel as part of the government’s “new normal” regulations.

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