A beach in Saranda, Albania

Visa-free travel to Albania for Russians and Belarusians

Russians and Belarusians can visit Albania without a visa for the summer season. The Albanian government introduced visa-free entry for Russians and Belarusians until the end of November.

“The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Albania made a decision on June 10 to grant Russian citizens the right to enter the country without a visa by November 30, 2020.

These rules will apply to Russian citizens who hold valid foreign travel passports visiting Albania for tourism or private trips for up to 90 days,” the ministry of foreign affairs in Tirana said in a statement.

Russian nationals could enter Albania with their passports for international travel and visas as per the 1993 agreement between the two countries.

Also, Belarusians can enter Albania up to 90 days for private purposes and tourism during the period from June, 10 to November 30, 2020, without needing a visa.

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