Where Albanians can go and where they can’t right now

Albania’s State Police informed about the travel restrictions for its nationals and where they can go at the moment.

As of July 6, the borders of Albania with Kosovo are open for the nationals and the vehicles.

Montenegro’s borders can be passed by Albanians only if nationals present a COVID-19 test resulting negative, in the last 48 hours, issued by accredited laboratories. If people are traveling in a group of 10 people, then the test is done by the Montenegrin border authorities.

People and vehicle movement between Albania and Macedonia continues without restrictions.

Greece allows to cross the border only Albanian nationals with a Greek residence permit or passport and trucks authorized by the Greek authorities.

Schengen borders remain closed for Albanian nationals, except the cases when member-state countries say otherwise.

The Albanian State Police, didn’t mentioned in their announcement, but entry of the nationals of Albania in Turkey is also allowed.

Meanwhile the borders of Albania are open to all foreigners, including the Tirana International Airport.

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