Visit Albania social media campaign by Alitalia

Alitalia’s Twitter campaign: “Visit Albania”

Alitalia features the crystal-clear waters of the Albanian riviera, as the country’s borders are open.

The Italian flag carrier Alitalia resumed flights from Rome to Tirana. The route restarted after more than three months of disruption because of the coronavirus outbreak. Now, Alitalia is inviting EU nationals to visit Albania.

The Schengen borders remain closed for Albanian nationals. As a result, only EU citizens and EU residence permit holders can travel out of Tirana. And this is why Alitalia is inviting Italians and other EU nationals to visit Albania.

In March all flights in and out of the Albanian capital stopped. But now the country’s borders are open for all foreign tourists.

Alitalia features in a Twitter post the crystal-clear waters of the Albanian riviera and the white beaches. It is an invitation for its customers to book their flights to Tirana International Airport.

Surprise yourself with Albania: crystal clear waters, white beaches and the wild coast will conquer you. Buy tickets by July 31, with guaranteed possibility to rebook flights.

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Flights to and from Italian destinations halted in March

In March, Albania announced the suspension of the flights to all the destinations in Italy, due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

As a result, flights to and from Milan Malpensa (MXP), Milan Bergamo (BGY), Bologna (BLQ), Florence (FLR), Genoa (GOA), Perugia (PEG), Pisa (PSA), Rimini (RMI), Venice (VCE), Verona (VRN), Ancona (AOI) and Turin (TRN) were halted but later, Rome (FCO) and Bari (BRI) were affected. 

The government allowed special planes or ferries for the evacuation of the Italian citizens out of Albania, provided they enter the country with no passengers. Suspension of the ferry service to and from Italy was later enforced.

Albanians can’t go to the EU countries

The health situation in Albania hasn’t convinced the European Union to open the doors for the Albanians. Albania is still not on the list of countries whose nationals can freely enter in the EU.

Tirana International Airport (TIA) issued a statement in June saying: “Despite high hopes for July 1, all Albanians with regular passports will not be able to move freely to Schengen destinations.” The situation remains unchanged.

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