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Germany extends travel warnings until August 31

Germany extends a travel warning for nationals traveling to third-countries, until August 31.

It asserts that there are risks of a COVID-19 infections coming from these countries, due to the current situation outside the EU.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry of Germany says that this move is due to fears of a second wave of infections. Sometimes, many countries take prompt restrictions, without prior notice and with immediate effect. As a result, German nationals will be stuck abroad.

Germany makes it clear it has not extended the EU-wide entry ban until August 31, as several media outlets are reporting. But instead, it extends a warning for Germans wishing to travel abroad.

A German national visiting third-countries will be subject to a 14-day quarantine on return.

Exempt are only the countries of the EU, the Schengen-associated countries (Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland) and the UK.

Germany previously lifted a travel warning for non-essential trips to 31 European countries. It replaced it with individual travel advice per every single country, on June 3.

The Ministry will keep checking the travel warning repeatedly before September.

Austria warns against travel to the Balkans

Austrian authorities warn against travel to Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova amid increasing concern about travelers with coronavirus going to Austria.

Travel warning is in place for six countries in the Western Balkans: Bosnia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro and Serbia.

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz says Austria “is experiencing more and more importations (of the virus) from abroad — hence the urgent appeal to not travel to these countries.” People entering Austria from countries subject to a travel warning will self-quarantine for 14 days.

Austria will step up checks on its eastern borders for people arriving from the Balkans in particular.

The health situation in Albania makes it impossible for the European Union to open the borders for Albanians. The country is not yet included in the list of states whose nationals can freely enter the EU.

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