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Travel in EU: New restrictions. But Croatia opens to US tourists

Greece is increasing testing at the country’s borders with Albania and Bulgaria. This comes as infections from Balkan tourists how travel to the country have jumped.

The government spokesperson Stelios Petsas says that from July 1-11 authorities have recorded four times as many positive coronavirus tests at the Greek-Bulgarian border crossing of Promachonas than at Athens’ international airport.

As a result, border officials will be checking the authenticity of the negative test results presented by tourists at Promachonas. And checks at the border crossings of Kakavia and Krystalopigi will also increase.

Greece will allow direct flights from the UK and Sweden as of July 15 and July 22 respectively. It is even considering opening for flights from the US at the end of July. This will depend on the situation and if travelers can show a negative COVID-19 test.

New travel restrictions from Hungary

Hungary’s government will introduce international travel restrictions and tighten its border controls, from Wednesday. This is an effort to prevent a new wave of the coronavirus infections, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office, Gergely Gulyás says.

Countries such as Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Ukraine, as well as some Asian countries, are considered a “high risk” by Hungary.

“Hungary must prevent the virus coming from abroad,” Gulyás says, adding: “Hungary is today among the safest countries in Europe. But given new outbreaks around the world, the government is putting the health and safety of Hungarians foremost and is doing everything possible to prevent the virus’s return”.

However, a humanitarian corridor is open for travelers who are subject to current restrictions due to coronavirus outbreak.

Croatia, the first country in the EU to reopen to US tourists

Croatia says the borders are open to tourists from all countries, including the US.  

The announcement goes against the EU’s recent travel ban. It excludes the US from its list of safe countries whose citizens may travel throughout the EU. This way, Croatia has become the first country in the EU to welcome US tourists.

 Visitors entering Croatia have to bring a negative COVID-19 test. It should be made within 48 hours of arrival. They also have to present proof of accommodation and complete a travel registration prior to arrival.

In addition, the US Embassy in Croatia is continuously updating the country’s rules and restrictions and travelers should check its website before visiting the country.

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