Air Serbia's mobile app

Air Serbia now has an Android app. But you can’t book flights

First app of Air Serbia is up and running and it is available on Google Play Store for Android devices.

The application allows passengers to check-in, scan passports or download boarding passes and store in the Wallet app. It also allows registration via e-mail, Facebook and Google, setting up analytics and notifications.

As Air Serbia says: The application enables passengers to book a flight in a few minutes. But users on the internet are commenting that this goes through the website, rather than the app itself. Seat distribution is a random process. Passengers can choose their seat via in My Reservation Tab. This is possible before initiating the check-in process.

“We are happy that our team managed to boost development of the important step of digitalization of Air Serbia’s customer journey. This will significantly improve the overall passenger experience. We are implementing an agile approach of gradually adding functionalities in development of our mobile application. It allows us to respond to users’ feedback,” Jiri Marek from Air Serbia says.

The iOS version of the Air Serbia app is not yet up and it will become available on AppStore shortly

In the later stages of development, passengers will be able to use the application to search for flights, book and buy tickets. Additional services, such as flight status and gate changes will be part of the app. The application will also offer to option for choosing the destination, price information and promotions.

Here’s what you can do with the Air Serbia app right now:

REGISTER AND MANAGE YOUR PROFILE: Via Facebook, Google or e-mail verification. You can also set the analytics and communications you want to receive.

EASY FLIGHT CHECK-IN FROM YOUR MOBILE PHONE: Check in up to nine passengers in a few simple steps and avoid long waiting lines at the airport

PASSPORT SCANNING: Scan your passport or ID card using your phone camera. Simply add documents for multiple passengers. You can save them at check-in or at any other time on your profile and keep them for the future.

SAFE STORING OF TRAVEL DOCUMENTS: Keep your and your travel companions’ travel documents to avoid having to repeat the process the next time you check in

HAVE YOUR BOARDING PASS READY: Show it even when you are offline. Save it in the Wallet application of your choice on your phone. Send passes to yourself and your travel companions by e-mail. Download it in PDF format

LANGUAGE: Set your language preference on your profile; you can set the Serbian version to the Latin or Cyrillic alphabet. Also use the app in English.


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