68 percent of travelers feel flying is the safest mode of travel

68% of travelers feel flying is the safest mode of travel

Air carrier IndiGo reveals the results of a consumer survey. It gives us an understanding of travelers’ sentiments around air travel and their confidence in safety measures. 25,000 travelers present their views in the online survey for the period June 20-June 28, 2020.

It reveals that 68 percent of travelers feel air travel is the safest mode of transportation in the current situation. Driving comes after and stands at 24 percent. And, only 8 percent prefer railways.

The survey also highlights that 65 percent of the customers felt confident that IndiGo will ensure clean and safe travel.

Apprehensions relating to travel by air include lack of social distancing by other passengers. This stands at 62 percent; quarantine measures by states (55 percent). And sitting in the aircraft with so many people (55 percent). These are the key deterrents for air travel, according to the surveyed.

“The analysis of our customer survey clearly portrays that health and safety are their key priorities when travelling. While it is heartening that about 65 percent of the travelers trust IndiGo to deliver a clean and safe travel experience, we will continue to introduce new measures, products, and services to further strengthen their confidence in air travel and IndiGo,” William Boulter, Chief Commercial Officer, IndiGo says.

Travel demand

The survey noted that nearly 54 percent of the respondents said they want to travel in the next three months. Only 17.6 percent said they will wait for the situation to completely normalize before planning travel.

Meanwhile, the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) calls for more consistent travel rules and COVID-19 advice by European countries to counter confusion by travelers and holiday makers.

Those journeying to Europe for the first time since travel restrictions began to ease face a baffling array of different types of travel rules and advice. And this is delaying the recovery of the travel industry.

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