Amadeus bot answers all your COVID-19 travel questions

Amadeus’ bot answers all your COVID-19 travel questions

Countries are opening their borders and travel is taking the first steps to resuming in a post-COVID-19 lock down scenario. Travelers have questions regarding flights and regulations for different countries. In order to help them navigate through the information, Amadeus gives you a basic online bot named Travel-19.

It addresses COVID-19 related travel queries.

The tool, an attempt to answer urgent needs, provides a repository of frequently updated information. Above all, it comes from various official sources within a single site. And the aim is to help travelers plan and manage upcoming trips amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

In the lock down days, travel providers managed many inquiries from passengers. As a result, the most common topics were cancellation policies and understanding government advisories.

Information for over 350 airlines and around 30 countries in one place

Now, as some countries lift travel restrictions, questions on the status of the outbreak at destination, country policies for foreign visitors, cancellation policies arise. Therefore, the bot aggregates links to different sources of public information. It does it with one easy-to-use interface.

The bot interface is intuitive and simple. Travelers can ask different questions, such as ‘I don’t know if my country will allow me to travel’ or ‘I’d like to know if there are any restrictions at the destination I am planning to visit.’

As Amadeus is focused on building traveler-centric technology to help deliver choice, autonomy, and support across all stages of the journey, there was a drive within the company to facilitate access to a reliable, one-stop site for information.

The building of this concept was supported by almost 100 volunteers from across Amadeus gathering sources of public information in a matter of weeks. As a result, now it currently provides links to information for over 350 airlines and around 30 countries.

You can check out the Travel-19 online bot for yourself here.

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