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Greece: 78% of imported COVID-19 cases are from the Balkans

Travel in Greece: There is no plan for a general lock down. At least 78% of the COVID-19 cases are from the Balkan countries

Deputy Minister of Civil Protection of Greece, Nikos Hardalias provides the figures for the coronavirus testing procedures. The data includes the first 19 days since Greece borders are open to tourists from the EU and 18 non-EU countries.

13.9% of those arriving in Greece in the last 19 days by any means, were checked, Greek City Times reports.

Hardalias states that until Sunday, there are 4,007 new cases. Of these 435 are currently active, 1,030 discharged, 2,347 recovered in their homes and 195 passed away.

Further, since July 1, 918,032 people arrived in Greece. Specifically: 620,652 through the airports, 48,720 from the ports, 248,660  from the land borders.

“We will take action. There is no plan for a general lock down at any level. I think we will not easily decide on local lock downs either, since we can achieve what we want with the measures,” Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management of Greece states.

He notes that 78% of the imported cases come from the Balkan countries. In particular, most imported cases are from Serbia (78), Bulgaria (63), Romania (61), Albania (23) and the USA (6).

The number of testes undertaken during this time period amounted to 127,900. Specifically: 98,284 tests at airports, 6,119 test at ports and 23,497 tests at land borders.

The number of confirmed cases among those entering the country was 295 from 1 to 19 July, of which 53 are still active, 35 are not active and the rest have returned.

Hardalias clarifies once again that the primary concern is public health and for this reason the state is monitoring developments on a daily basis.

Greece updates air travel rules for several countries

A new directive from Greece updates the information on passenger flights from Albania, North Macedonia, Sweden, and Turkey. This comes as part of the measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19).

Due to the current situation of Covid-19 in Albania and North Macedonia, Greece allows all flights from the two countries to land only at Athens International Airport (AIA). As a result, flights cannot land in all other airports in Greece until July 31 (23:59).

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