Traveling in times of Covid-19 - Munich Airport, Bavaria, Germany

Munich airport offers free COVID-19 tests

Munich airport in Bavaria, Germany, is offering free coronavirus test to the passengers arriving there.

The test for a possible infection with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is free of charge for arriving passengers. The Corona Test Center is at the Forum of Munich Airport Center on Level 03. For the test you don’t need prior registration.

Departing passengers at Munich Airport can have their tests also. Medicare, a subsidiary of Flughafen München, offers such tests for a fee (190 euros, plus weekend and night surcharges where applicable) at the airport’s medical center. You can find it at Terminal 1, Modul E, Level 03.

The PCR test is a throat swab. The results (Health certificate) are emailed in German and English. In case of a positive test result, Medicare informs the public health department.

Any departing passenger must register for the test by calling the airport’s emergency department on +49 89 975 633 99. Or by sending an e-mail to [email protected] The test results are available four hours after the taking the swabs. There may be longer waiting times due to the high demand. Passengers cannot call this number to request test results. Neither for the free tests for travel returnees nor for the tests for departing passengers.

As the airport informs, tests are only available for persons without Covid-19 symptoms, or without contact with a person who may have contracted the coronavirus.

Coronavirus rapid tests at Frankfurt Airport

In addition, CENTOGENE offers coronavirus rapid tests at Frankfurt Airport. It is a so-called RT-PCR test (Reserve Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction Test), which detects whether an acute infection with the COVID-19 virus is present.

This test may help avoid restrictive measures following your arrival at your destination; the quarantine period required in many countries, or when returning to Germany from abroad. The currently effective country information is available at the IATA website.

But the tests aren’t free. Two versions are available: 59 euro for a result within 6-8 hours, and 139 euro for a result within 3 hours (Express Test)

For an additional charge of 9 euro, you have the option of obtaining an official and internationally valid attestation of the test result for submittal to the authorities in many countries. This includes documentation of the travel document and the identity of the tested person and is mandatory for air travel.

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