A beach holiday destination in the riviera of Albania

Beaches in Albania: 15 best places you must visit

Albania’s southern coastline has beautiful villages, cobble-stoned streets and delightful beaches lapped by clear waters. In a way or the other, it resembles the beaches of Greece. Also, if you get your fill of beachfront coves, you can set out toward the natural springs close to Saranda. Or the lake shores close to the Macedonian outskirt, Pick Your Trail writes. The country has a lot of amazement for you. It has quickly become a well-known summer goal. The surprising coastline and the excellent beaches in Albania is clearly a good reason why this place attracts so many tourists in a year.

The Albanian Riviera is home to many fascinating places. In order to make things somewhat more apt for your Europe travel plans, here are the 15 Best Beaches in Albania to visit in 2020. To select the whole of the excellent beaches would be unbelievable, yet here’s a list of the 15 most dazzling shores of Albania. 

1. Gjipe Beach 

It is one of the “hidden” treasures of Albania and is truly a heavenly beach. Visitors can go there either by boat or car. In any case, car voyagers should walk somewhat down to the shore. The beach-side is crushed in the middle of high cliffs, which gives you that feeling of being on an offbeat places in Europe instead of on a typical beach. 

The water at Gjipe Beach is completely clear and has the most astonishing turquoise shading. Explorers can likewise locate some smaller beaches along the coastline and a few caves too. 

2. Grama Bay 

One of the most excellent places to visit in Albania, Grama Bay makes a mind-blowing beach day, and for you, it would definitely be a memorable day trip from Vlorë. 

It’s best going there by boat. In any case, hikers can enjoy a seven-hour long walk. Try to carry water, food and different necessities as Grama Bay is offbeat and you won’t have the privilege of amenity services along the hike. 

3. Dhermi Beach 

Popular for its nightlife during summer and its traditional stone houses. As of late, an ever-increasing number of Scandinavian travelers have discovered their way here, and it’s both lovely and less swarmed than other beach destinations in Albania. 

4. Drymades 

Only a short drive from Dhermi, visitors can enjoy the more isolated and less swarmed Drymades seashore. 

5. Livadhi Beach 

If you’re visiting Himare, at that point, you shouldn’t miss Livadhi Beach, which is only a short drive from the city center. 

Livadhi Beach is perhaps the longest seashores you would find in Albania, and it has gotten admired for its dark blue water which is also surrounded by olive trees. 

The beach has two parts, Gonia (North) and Apelistra (South). During late spring, visitors will find all essentials required, including cafes, bistros, and water sports. 

6. Borsh 

As the longest beaches on the Ionian Sea coast, Borsh is well known for its blue water and tidy seaside. 

The seashore is 7 kilometres in length is still very clean by mass the travel industry. You can arrive effectively from Saranda and Himara by transport, taxi or car. 

7. Lukova Beach 

Lukova Beach is the most famous Albanian seashores along the Riviera, and it’s really probably the best beaches in Albania. Greenery and completely clear blue water surround it. 

8. Pulëbardha Beach 

An excellent yet small beach among Saranda and Ksamil. It’s in north of Ksamil.

9. Mango Beach 

A famous beach in Saranda which has all the pleasantries you requirement for an incredible excursion. Saranda is likewise an astonishing base to explore Southern Albania, and there are a lot of hotels and restaurants to choose from depending on your budget range. 

10. Mirror Beach 

Also known as Pasqyra beach. To some extent hidden pearl for the most part of the year, yet in August it becomes a bit bustling. Mirror Beach is also popular among local people. It is north of Ksamil. 

It’s a sandy seashore, and it’s straightforward to arrive from both Saranda and Ksamil, either by transport or taxi. 

11. Ksamil 

There are really a few beaches in Ksamil, so you won’t have an issue finding a pleasant place in the sand here. A heads up, however, while Ksamil is really a heaven in Europe, during July and August, it will be crowded with people only like other best places in the Mediterranean region. 

The best ideal chance to visit is either in May or early June or after summer in September. 

12. Palasa Beach 

A private beach with the most dazzling watercolor. Palasa Beach is found north of Himara and Drymades shore, it’s still very clean. There are not very many buildings and advancement close by. 

It is also celebrated for being home to night clubs and unbelievable parties during summer. 

13. Durrës 

It is one of the most well-known beach goals in the country and home to one of the most exclusive beaches in Albania. 

Durrës is only a 40 minutes drive from the Albanian capital, it’s also well known among local people during summer. Here, you have everything required for a decent beach outing, and it’s easy and very much comfortable to arrive from Tirana. 

14. Jalë Beach 

Jale is another well known Albanian sea shore goal, particularly among local people during summer. This seashore goal is situated among Dhermi and Himara. 

15. Rana e Hedhun 

This is a unique beach in Albania, Rana e Hedhun is home to some fantastic sand dunes that are situated on the slopes of the mountainside. It’s located close Shengjin, and it’s about 1.5 hours drive from Tirana. Because of a newly constructed road, Rana e Hedhun is currently effectively accessible from the road. Just hire a car a go on a fun-filling beach vacation.

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