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New air travel system now in place across EU

A new approach to air travel across the European Union (EU) is now in place.

As part of the European Union’s traffic light system, countries and regions within those states will categorize as green, orange or red. This will depend on the Covid-19 risk levels for each individual region/country.

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control will publish a weekly map, after collecting information on the 14-day incidence and positive rates of the disease.

People arriving from red regions should restrict their movements for two weeks.

Passengers from orange regions can avoid the restriction. This is possible if they have a negative coronavirus test result taken no earlier than three days prior to departure.

Travelers from green regions can enter the state without restricting their movements or undergoing a test.

Green, orange, red

Currently, only Greenland is in the green category. Norway, Finland and parts of Greece are orange, while all others areas are red.

Anyone arriving from Denmark must restrict their movements for two weeks regardless of the traffic light rating. This comes over concerns about the new strain of Covid in mink there that has spread to humans.

Under the new air travel system, passengers travelling on certain essential functions do not have to restrict their movements.

This includes essential workers, journeys for imperative business or family reasons (for example, attending a funeral) and essential medical reasons for travel.

The governments across the European Union also have mechanisms. In some countries they will start by December whereby people coming from red regions can be tested here after five days.

Last month member states adopted the European Union recommendation on a coordinated approach to travel restrictions in the context of Covid-19. It is better known as the traffic light system.

This approach provides Covid-19 case rate details for regions across the EU. It is based on the 14-day rate of infection per 100,000 of the population.

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