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KLM: Take the trains instead of short flights

Dutch national airline company, KLM, wants to make trains more attractive as an alternative to short flights. The airline is looking at six destinations with distances of up to 700 kilometres, which can also be accessible by train. These are Brussels, Paris, London, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, and Berlin.

KLM has an action plan together with the Ministry of Infrastructure, Schiphol, and the Dutch rail company, NS. They hope that travelers will take both trains and airplanes. Or consider using a train when transferring. 

The six destinations are already accessible by rail. The NS plans to speed up train travel from Amsterdam to Berlin and Brussels, NLTimes writes

Before the coronavirus pandemic, twelve trains a day traveled between Amsterdam and Paris. There is also a direct train connection to London. This makes the train an “attractive alternative to the plane,” writes KLM. 

These new plans come amid a broader effort by the NS and its European counterparts to expand train travel across Europe. NS is also looking for a direct train connection between Zurich and Amsterdam. 

AirRail tickets

At the start of 2020, KLM introduced the AirRail tickets. They cover both the flight tickets as well as train connections. Further measures will apply in order to implement the action plan.

The initiative is seen as an effort to move to more sustainable travelling.

“KLM has been one of the most sustainable airlines in the world for 16 years, according to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Last year we introduced the Fly Responsibly sustainability initiative,” says Pieter Elbers, a KLM spokesperson. “We see flying as a conscious choice for consumers and the train is a logical, sustainable alternative if you want to travel a short distance.” 

With this new initiative, KLM could be eligible for the government’s multi-billion euro support package. Required conditions include the reduction of CO2 emissions and the number of night flights. According to a KLM spokesperson, this was not why they introduced the plan and that the ideas had been in circulation before the support package was announced.

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