The building of Tirana International Hotel in Albania

After Hilton Garden Inn, Tirana International Hotel shuts down

Tirana International Hotel, in the heart of the Albanian capital shut down temporarily due Covid-19 pandemic.

The management says that from last year’s earthquake until now the hotel remained open, but with heavy losses. Employees’ salaries and maintenance fees can’t be covered anymore, Monitor magazine reports.

The hotel, established in 1979, will cease operations until the pandemic situation improves, leaving behind 100 unemployed people. The staff will receive a financial assistance during this period, until the hotel reopens.

Hotel Tirana is one of the largest in the Albanian capital. It has 170 rooms and it is one of the largest providers of conference services.

The building of Hotel Tirana is a symbol of the capital. It started operating when the country was under the communist regime, in 1979. The hotel was the tallest building in the country until a few years ago. It was exclusively for foreign delegations and tourists, which made it a mysterious and intriguing place for the common Albanians.

Hilton Garden Inn remains closed

The pandemic severely damaged the hospitality industry worldwide. Due to this crisis, earlier this year Hilton Garden Inn Hotel in Tirana closed its doors, more than a year of operation.

Most of the staff was on the payroll for months hoping operations will restart in September. But the situation did not change. As a result, facing the pressure to repay the investment loan and wages, the company closed the hotel. It will remain closed at least until March 2021.

Monitor magazine says the management and staff are laid off.

Hilton Garden Inn is the first international brand in the Albanian market after the departure of Sheraton at the end of 2017.

Marriott’s first hotel in the country will open next year, according to an initial plan at the same place where the Tirana’s new stadium, Air Albania is located.

The international hospitality company signed an agreement with the Albanian construction company AlbStar for a five-star hotel. This happened after Marriott de-flagged the Sheraton in December 2017.

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