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Travel trends for 2021 as the New Year is around the corner

It’s been a year of cancelled trips and missed experiences. The New Year is around the corner and we can’t wait to talk about what is on the horizon as we get to say goodbye to what has been a very difficult year for mankind. 2020 has been a year like no other and while much has been said about the adversity, positive news around the vaccine roll out has also uplifted spirits helping all see a glimmer of hope. Here are few definitive trends that will shape how we are going to travel, come 2021.

Revenge travel on bucket list

Revenge is a dish best served cold. After having been left out in the cold for almost one full year, expect travelers to hit the road with a vengeance. Travel is on top of mind as people look at making a fresh start. Searches on platforms for destinations and activities, reaffirm that travel may have slowed down. But travel planning has been on in full swing for travel dates as far out as fall of next year. People are going to spend time and effort planning their excursions for future travel in 2021 relying on platforms that provide treasure trove of information and booking choices.

Rise of slow, immersive travel

The one thing that this year has taught us is to slow down and somewhat appreciate an unhurried life. So be it a work-ation, staycation or a weekend getaway, travelers are gravitating towards fuller and richer immersive travel experiences. They will allow them to connect, explore and unwind. People will prefer travel that balances their itinerary with a languid pace. This will allow more time to explore, while eliminating the stress of rushing around many places to tick the boxes.

More takers for premium stays & non-hotels

Safety and hygiene are the new comfort and luxury in travel. The traditional in-stay checklist has now made way for questions like – does the stay ensure adequate social distancing? Is there a private kitchen? Can I have an extra room for help or support staff and so on? Post-COVID, travelers are looking for more control over their stay. Many opt for higher category hotels, premium homestays, independent villas and non-hotels. They are the type of accommodation that promises comfort of a vacation while meeting additional requirements.

Weekend getaways to become the new weekend goals

People have tasted the fun of quick getaways during the pandemic induced travel restrictions. This travel habit is all set to become the norm.

The reality of contactless travel

Post the pandemic, the travel and hospitality industry made significant efforts to boost confidence among travelers by making services contactless as far as possible. From check-in at airports and hotels; to ordering food and beverages and concierge services at hotels online, contactless offerings are becoming a norm more than an exception. 

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