Smartphone with travel app

Travel in the age of apps. It has never been easier to plan & go!

A guided tour is a time-honored tradition when we travel. For many vacationers, it means boarding a bus packed with other travelers and listening to a paid guide telling tales of the local sights.

Today, this happens in the comfort of your own car, with family or friends for fellow travelers. And thanks to travel apps like GyPSy, it has never been easier to plan and execute those events.

The narrated driving tour is just one selection from the flourishing category of travel apps. GyPSy currently offers tours of 37 destinations ranging from free to $19.99. The app can is available for download prior to departure and played offline over a smartphone or tablet. It requires no current cell or wi-fi service. Features include directions, local side trips and behind-the-scenes stories about cultural features, hikes. And a favorite with youngsters: animals likely to be encountered along the way.

Favorite apps

Other people canceled trips this year that included commercial passenger flights. They also say their favorite travel applications are Airbnb and VRBO.

Tourists traveling to foreign countries, use WorldCurrency for exchange rates and Google Translate for language problems. As well as Google Maps. They carry lots of books using the Kindle App on different devices. OpenTable is a great option for dinner reservations. Jazzercize on Demand and MapMyWalk help getting a workout wherever travelers are.

Favorite sites such as Tom’s Guide, Oprah Magazine, Tripsavvy, TripAdvisor, and even PC Magazine as well as organizations such as AAA and AARP all offer recommendations for the best travel apps.

The apps vary in ease of use or content, but they have one thing in common. They help navigating what is down the road. Many are free or available at minimal cost from the App Store or Google Play. They can be installed and set up before heading out.

No matter the travel destination, when looking for help with a trip, there is likely a site that will APPly.

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