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Litorali Airlines connects Tirana with Naples and Brindisi

Additional air connections between Tirana, the capital of Albania and Italian destinations will start in February. Litorali Airlines is announcing that the bookings for two destinations in Italy from Tirana International Airlines will start in January. There is no exact date though.

Tirana will connect with Naples with daily flights from Monday to Friday. With the same schedule, Litorali Airlines will also operate flights from the Albanian capital to Brindisi.

At the moment the carrier’s website does not offer a lot of information, besides the banner announcing the new connections. Social media channels also offer no information.

There is also not a lot of information regarding the company behind Litorali Airlines or its fleet.

According to their LinkedIn profile, the private company was founded in 2020. Its headquarters are in Brindisi, Italy and there are 11-50 employers. Their slogan is: “Il tuo novo modo di volare, viaggiare e sognare” (your new way of flying, traveling and dreaming.)

The announcement comes at a time when Albanians cannot visit Italy, among other countries, due to the EU’s Covid-19 travel restrictions.

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