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More details revealed about Litorali Airlines launching flights to Tirana

Earlier I wrote about additional air connections between Tirana, the capital of Albania and Italian destinations that will start in February. Litorali Airlines is the new airline offering the flights from Naples and Brindisi to Tirana.

When I wrote about it the carrier’s website didn’t offer a lot of information, but now the situation has changed.

The reservation system for the two destinations in Italy from Tirana International Airlines now is up. The prices vary from 75-80 euro one way.

Tirana will connect with Naples with flights on Mondays and Fridays. Meanwhile, flights from the Albanian capital to Brindisi will be daily from Monday to Friday.

Initially there wasn’t lot of information regarding the company behind Litorali Airlines or its fleet. But now, they give some sort of information.

The company and its fleet revealed

In the midst of a global pandemic, when the aviation industry suffered the worst, a group of entrepreneurs and enthusiasts of the aviation thought to found an airline. Here is their story on the website:

Litorali was founded in April 2020 by a group of entrepreneurs and enthusiasts of the aviation world. The project was joined by many who believe in the project presented to them. The project was born with the aim of offering an air connection service between minor Italian airports and foreign destinations. In order to make these short flights (30 to 60 minutes) we have selected the Let410. It is a turboprop of great performance and comfort. In the coming months‚ 4 Italian-French ATR42 turboprop aircraft (46-seat aircraft) will enter the fleet.

Litorali Airlines

Flights from Tirana to Naples and Brindisi will have the HLR code, belonging to Heli Air, a Bulgarian company. Heli Air Services JSC, established in 1990 has a 30-year history. They offer a wide range of aviation services based on charter flights with specialized aircraft.

The Litorali Airline flights come at a time when Albanians cannot visit Italy, among other countries, due to the EU’s Covid-19 travel restrictions.

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