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Europe grapples with Covid-19 as tourist destinations stay shut

Tourist destinations in Europe stay shut due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Countries are taking further measures to stop the spread of coronavirus. As of now the situation in different countries remains dim.

As BBC reports, tighter restrictions are in place for Belgians, who are now banned from non-essential travel abroad for tourism or leisure until March 1. Slovakia imposed new restrictions preventing people from moving around if they cannot produce a negative PCR or antigen test. Children and over-65s are exempt.

There’s been a quiet night in Dutch cities after three days of rioting triggered by a Covid-19 curfew brought in at the weekend. Crowdfunding raised more than €80,000 for a ransacked shop. Earlier, its owner was reduced to tears by the damage.

Vaccination certificates?

As French leaders consider whether to move to a third lockdown, an opinion poll for BFMTV suggests 52% are against such a change. Meanwhile 48% are in favor. France already has a national 18:00 curfew. Former interior minister Christophe Castaner worries a new lockdown could lead some people to civil disobedience.

Spain has reported its highest number of deaths from Covid-19 since April. The toll includes 591 deaths on Tuesday and a further 36,435 cases. The infection rate is at its highest so far in the pandemic. The worst incidence is in Valencia, on the east coast.

Iceland issued its first digital vaccination certificates to make it easier for people to travel. So far 4,800 people are eligible as they’ve had two doses. But the certificate isn’t recognized in Europe. Some European Union countries like Greece want the EU to introduce them.

The mayor of Russia’s capital has eased Covid-19 restrictions on bars and office working. He says Covid-19 cases in Moscow are no higher than 2,000-3,000 a day. Sergei Sobyanin said bars and restaurants could reopen during the night. Meanwhile, businesses would not have to keep 30% of workers at home.

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