Tirana International Airport

Tirana International Airport reduces passenger service charge

Tirana International Airport (TIA) announces the reduction of the passenger service charge. It will be reduced by 2.5 euro, from 12.5 to 10 euro. TIA also unveils an investment plan.

Kastrati Group, bought the airport’s managing company, “Real Fortress Limited” from China. It says this and the plan will facilitate ticket prices and the overall development of the Albanian aviation and tourism.

TIA announces a full package of investments totaling approximately € 100 million. It includes expanding the airport’s accommodation capacity by 6 million passengers per year. Also, runway extension, complete improvement of airport infrastructure and significant improvement of service quality.

This investment plan by the new managing company aims to significantly improve the operation of Mother Teresa Airport. It also aims to turn Tirana International Airport into a positive example in the region. TIA hopes to give an extraordinary impact on the growth of tourism and improving the ease of doing business.

Part of the amendments to the concession contract is the liberalization of Ground Handling Services. Also liberalization of the aircraft fuel market is part of it. These changes will bring lower costs in the price of this fuel. They will have an immediate effect to attract other “low cost” airlines, including Ryan Air. “Consequently they will have the effect of lowering the ticket price paid by TIA passengers. With the easing of traveling after the pandemic, these will increase the number of flights and destinations,” TIA says.

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