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“Vacations to Take Now” campaign highlights open destinations

Avoya Travel, one of the travel industry’s most innovative brands, just launched a new marketing campaign. it is called “Vacations to Take Now”. It highlights destinations currently open for leisure travel with an emphasis on vacations customers can take this Spring and Summer.

The “Vacations to Take Now” campaign combines a new suite of industry-leading creative assets in Avoya’s Marketing Resource Center. It targets on-to-one email marketing and social media. The campaign informs and engages travelers on the products and destinations about their specific travel desires.

Avoya recognizes that there is demand among North Americans who have postponed their vacation plans in 2020 or early 2021. Or those who have already pre-planned their next vacation for 2022 and 2023 using a Future Travel Credit but still want to travel this year. As hotels and resorts open across the country and processes are streamlined with international and domestic destinations like Mexico, Hawaii, and Florida, Avoya increases its focus. Exactly, on its most trusted land preferred partners while continuing to market its historically top-selling destinations like Europe and Alaska with its cruise preferred partners

Helping travelers find their next dream vacation

“Avoya is uniquely positioned to help travelers find their next dream vacation. They can utilize our advanced technology to understand their needs and interests in order to match them with the best in the Avoya Network,” says Sam McCully, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Avoya Travel. 

“The launch of this new campaign is a testament to Avoya’s ability to deploy powerful marketing campaigns. They engage and inspire travelers while simultaneously generating more bookings and sales for the Avoya Network. The ‘Vacations to Take Now’ campaign is another step forward as Avoya continues growing our domestic travel portfolio. This is as a complement to our already robust cruise and tour offerings.”

Sam McCully, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Avoya Travel

The first phase included the creation of over 25 new turnkey, co-branded marketing assets for optional use by Independent Agencies. The customizable collateral includes videos, email templates, social media templates, a vast image library, and more. New assets are added every week. The new content has already seen a large increase in usage from Independent Agencies. On the social media side, Avoya is seeing more than double the recent engagement on new posts for the campaign.

The new campaign offers more opportunities for the Avoya Network to earn commissions now. 

More opportunities to sell vacations

“Avoya saw a significant increase in our resort and land business due to the increase in consumer demand. The Avoya Network’s skill and expertise in selling them. We are understanding this trend and activating the ‘Vacations to Take Now’ campaign in response. We’re present the Avoya Network with more opportunities to sell vacations,” says Steve Hirshan, Senior Vice President of Sales at Avoya Travel.

Many of those travelers that essentially punted their vacations a year or two out still want to do something this year. Just perhaps closer to home and for a shorter period of time. With these close-in bookings providing commission dollars sooner for Independent Agencies and the trends we’re seeing with clients’ booking behavior, it was a win-win decision to look at more options for close-in travel by adding additional visibility to these products in our marketing channels without taking the focus away from our other preferred partners. By bringing more travelers, we’re also generating interest in our cruise and tour partners. So it’s truly a beneficial strategy for everybody; more commission opportunities for the Avoya Network and more exposure for all of our preferred supplier partners.”

Steve Hirshan, Senior Vice President of Sales at Avoya Travel

Future phases will include the application of data intelligence to continue to re-target its marketing efforts. And also showcase to travelers where they can take a vacation this year; whether it’s a destination that’s only a few hours’ drive from their homes or a short flight away. The campaign will soon include a deal-centric component that highlights the great value travelers can find through Avoya on destinations that are currently open for vacations as more people receive the COVID-19 vaccines and make their plans for Spring and Summer travel.

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