Hotel in Durres, Albania

Albania awaits foreign tourists as summer season approaches

Durres, the port city of Albania and a summer destination on the Adriatic coast will host the first groups of foreign tourists on May 15. As COVID-19 vaccination process continues and holding the parliamentary elections before the start of the summer season are seen by the tour operators as a good omen.

“The first charters start to come on May 15 and we believe things will go back to normal and forget about Covid that grappled the world. We think that this will be the end of the pandemic season; with the start of the summer season and the vaccination of the population, including the hospitality industry workers. It is a very good support for tourists, their safety and our image,” Indrit Nuredini, tour operator in Durres says.

The beaches on the Adriatic coast are still quiet, but beach-goers are seen around. As the summer season approaches, tour operators are making the final preparations.

“As tour operators we have taken measures in the framework of infrastructure, staffing, organization of works and the maintenance of the beach. From our side, things are settling down,” Nuredini says.

Who will visit Durrës?

“Tourists from the Nordics are a bit skeptical and under the influence of the situation. So we do not have confirmation from them yet. Mostly, we have reservations from Polish tourists, who love to come to Albania. They find here an attractive tourism, hospitality and good prices. We have become a factor in Europe for tourism. Durres has a tradition in welcoming foreign tourists. They will also come from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, our traditional clients, but there is also interest from Serbia,” Indrit Nuredini, tour operator in Durres says.

Foreign tourists flock to Vlora

There was a cloudy but a warm weather in the other coastal city of Vlora. As a result tourists from Brazil, Serbia and Russia flocked to the Ionian coast.

The sea and the nearby mountains, are the reasons that these tourists chose Vlora to spend the weekend. Almost all hotels on the coast of Radhima, were full of tourists this Saturday. The same situation was in the city of Vlora.

“I am Denis, from St. Petersburg, Russia. This is my first time in Albania. We visited Ksamil, Durres, Saranda, but Vlora is more beautiful”.

“We visited the south of Albania and Ksamil is like a fairytale place. A place that we will absolutely visit many times in the future and we will recommend it to our friends.”

“We come from Serbia. It is the first time here and it is very beautiful. Some of our friends suggested we come here.”

“We come from Rio de Janeiro. This is the first time in Albania and so far we are impressed. The children are especially enjoying the sea and the beach. “The sea and the sand are fantastic.”

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