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Try these three wines from Përmet, Albania

A team of professionals with diverse backgrounds, overseas experience and education gather around The Wine Society of Albania.

They are passionate about wine and in love with the terroir. As a result, the Wine Society Albania’s goal is to support local wineries with promising potential through: cooperation with world renowned French and Italian winemakers, experts and enologist, terroir research, marketing and branding up to sales and export of the wines.

Here are three type of wines from the Permet region in the southern Albania:


It is inspired by the ancient Goddess of the Dawn Aurora. This wine cherishes the spirits of the land where the vineyards prosper.

As the legend goes, Aurora opens up the gates to walk the Sun in its voyage from East to West. This is the same direction which follows the enchanted Vjosa – the last standing wild river in Europe. Growing next to the turquoise wild waters, grapes relish their minerals from the Canyons of Përmet in Albania.

Therefore, Aurora is an endemic wine that expresses white flowers and stone fruits. It offers a sensual dry taste, crisp minerality, and a distinctive fresh fragrance.

It consists of a blend of the Albanian autochthonous White Shesh (Shesh i Bardhë) and Trebbiano. As a result, it will float you through the startling notes of pear, green apple and a crunchy bite of lime.


This wine takes its inspiration from the Saze Ensemble. Its music stems from a traditional ancient instrument endemic to the area of Përmet; just as the White Debina used to make this wine.

The winery is on top of the spectacular canyon in the ancient city of Permet. Debina e Bardhe (White Debina), an autochthonous variety indigenous to Southern Albania and especially grown in Permet. It is harvested by hand from the locals at an altitude of 250 meters along the Vjosa River.

The clay and sandy-rocky soils on top of the canyon, perfect for the Debina vines to grow deep, paired with the thermal excursions of the Mediterranean heat during the day and cooled down by the microclimate favored by the cold river during the night, give to Saze its unique complexity; therefore we have a soft and silky acidity, lots of stone fruits and minerals, zesty aromas of apple and citrus, as well as flavors of vanilla, pear and honey wax topped with tropical fruit and white flowers.


Inspired by the the iconic grapes of the best wine in the world, Merlot, the Wine Society Albania started the Andurem project as its first pilot of a larger dream to put Albania on the map of the world famous and successful wine-producing regions as well as wine tourism destinations. 

Andurem is an archaic Albanian word of the Arbëresh in Italy and literally means “remembering something”. The winery producing this peculiar wine is on top of the spectacular canyon facing the legendary Ata Stone in the ancient city of Permet.

Indeed, the Merlot grapes in Andurem come from an altitude of 300 meters along the terraces of the stunning canyons of the Vjosa River. According to an old Albanian legend, the Vjosa area was terrorized a long time ago by a many-headed dragon: Kuçedra. This monster, could only be calm by human sacrifice. The legend says that when Kuçedra was finally killed, its tears formed the Vjosa River.

Andurem has a unique and subtle complexity: a full body, lots of black fruits, aromas and flavors of chocolate, spices and violets. Part of the Merlot in Andurem comes from the “Vinja” area.

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