Kukes airport entrance

Kukes airport: 1 euro fares from July 15

In April, Albania opened its second international airport. But now the country’s flag carrier, Air Albania is announcing the routes and the ticket prices to and from Kukes airport.

From July 15 flights to/from will have fares starting from 1€ + taxes; For instance total prices are: Kukës-Zurich 12 EUR; Zurich-Kukës 28.66 EUR; Kukës-Istanbul 12 EUR; Istanbul-Kukës 23 EUR.

It bears the name Kukes International Airport – Zayed, Flatrat e Veriut (North Wings).

The airport, with a total investment of $28.7m, is on a former refugee campsite, is 90 miles north-east of Albania’s capital.

It was the shelter site for the many Albanian refugees of the Kosovo War in 1999.

The Kukes airport has a single runway and three parking spots for aircraft.

The airport is designed to operate as a ‘low cost’ airport and will offer travelers competitive prices. Also, direct connections from Kukës in the future will include the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Germany according to Minister of Infrastructure Belinda Balluku.

he construction of Kukes airport started in 2003. It is a donation from the United Arab Emirates. Since June 2016 it is under the administration of the Civil Aviation Authority.

Kukës Airport (LAKU) is located in the municipality of Kukës in Albania. It’s a medium airport in Albania based in the region Kukës County. 

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