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This is how Marriott Tirana hotel will look like

Marriott Tirana isn’t open yet, even though the hotel chain announced it was going to happen last November. Despite missing the deadline, now the project how the hotel will look like is shown outside.

The construction work outside the hotel is going on for some time now, blocking the passage to the area, but still there isn’t an opening date for Marriott Tirana. Here are some photos from the project, shown in the construction site:

The facade of Marriott Tirana
Lobby of Marriott Tirana
One of the rooms of Marriott Tirana

As the construction work is going on, for some time now Marriott Tirana signs are present at the underground parking lot.

Underground parking lot of Marriott Tirana

New Marriott Tirana after Sheraton left

Tirana’s new stadium, that bears the country’s flag carrier name, Air Albania opened on November 17, and France won 0-2. The complex where the stadium is, will also be home to Marriott’s first hotel in the country.

The international hospitality company signed an agreement last year with the Albanian construction company AlbStar for a five-star hotel. This happened after Marriott de-flagged the Sheraton in December 2017.

According to IR Real Estate and Management:

“The tower section of the New National Stadium Complex, after the completion of the construction will host Marriott International, one of the most well-known hotel chains in the world. The tower is 140 feet tall, with 24 floors, and will be the tallest building in Albania, a great reference for the stadium and the city. An exclusive hotel for an exclusive experience. A floor of luxury room’s right above the field, a large shared restaurant with the VIP hospitality area of the stadium and other incredible services for guests. It will have approximately 150 rooms, SPA, conference rooms, fitness etc.”

An Instagram post by the Arena Center complex, right before the stadium was inaugurated, caught my eye and there was Marriott mentioned. I wrote a direct message, asking when Marriott Tirana is going to open? They replied: “We still don’t have an exact date for the [Marriott] opening. Please follow our social networks for any updates”.

Then I wrote to corporate Marriott hoping for a more solid answer (read: when is it opening). Millie Robinson, assistant to Vice President Communications, Europe for Marriott International quickly replied:

“I am picking up your request on behalf of the Marriott Newsroom. Currently, the estimated opening date is November 2020”.

Two years after, Marriott in the Albanian capital is still in the making.

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