Skanderbeg square in Tirana, Albania

Tirana, Europe’s cheapest city break it’s a hidden gem

Tirana in Albania is the cheapest place to enjoy a city break in Europe according to the Post Office’s barometer.

In the Albanian capital, Tirana you can get a coffee for just 61p; a three-course evening meal for two with a bottle of house wine for just £38; and two nights in a three-star hotel for £61.

All of the top ten cheapest city breaks (bar Lisbon at number four) are in Eastern Europe; meaning if you’re looking for a cheap getaway, Eastern Europe is your best bet.

WizzAir flies to Tirana Airport from Luton and you can get flights for as little as £32.99 one way.

Now many of you may have pre-conceptions about Albania, the people and your safety. But Laura Conder has been three times and it was fantastic.

The locals in Tirana are incredibly hospitable people. They will bend over backwards to get you whatever you want and are incredibly kind.

Tourist crime is virtually non-existent in Albania according to the UK government website and having been on my own there, I felt safe, says Conder.

The truth is that Albania is a country that relies on tourism as a source of income, so you can upgrade to a five star trip for very little extra cost and live like a king or queen on your holiday.

The scenery in Albania is also stunning; from the beautiful blue-water coasts to the mountains in the north, it’s a country with natural beauty.

The food is also delicious and ridiculously cheap considering the size of the portions, I’d never been so full in my life till I went on my trips to Albania.

The weather tends to be good all year round, though heavy snow is common in the mountainous regions. I visited in December just a week before Christmas and wwas fine in just a t-shirt.

There is plenty to do, it’s a country with a rich history from the Ottoman empire to the communist rule of nearly 50 years, there are loads of sites and museums to visit (again at very little cost).

The Post Office Barometer estimates that you could get a two-night city break for two in Tirana for £132.41, so if you looking for a cheap holiday this winter, Tirana is the place to go.

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