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Travel advisors see more bookings to Europe

Travel Experts has found that travelers are booking trips to Europe, making it one of the most popular destinations for 2022.

In other good news, travel advisors are reporting an increase in business for the fourth quarter.

In a recent survey of its travel advisor; 80 percent of Travel Experts advisors reported an increase in business in the 4th quarter of 2021. And 96 percent of those reporting are seeing a steady flow of bookings for 2022.

Travel to Europe overwhelmingly leads the way with 88 percent of advisors; noting that the Continent is either number one, two or three in bookings for 2022.

Following bookings to Europe, 42 percent of the advisors list domestic vacations as one of the top three for 2022 bookings. Thirty-eight percent are booking cruises, and 38 percent are booking more cruises, 34 percent Caribbean bookings, 29 percent say river cruises and 17 percent said South America trips were popular. Eight percent said Hawaii and Central America.

Business is blooming

Rob DelliBovi, RDB Hospitality in Miami Beach told Travel Experts that despite the fact that “our corporate business is down about 50 percent, our entertainment and music bookings are above 2019 revenues, and our celebrity business is the best it has ever been.”

Holly Lombardo in Atlanta said that she is seeing a lot of referrals.

“My business is exceeding 2019 based on unprecedented referrals. However, some folks still are concerned about international travel because of the potential negative. antigen test to return to U.S. They do not want to undergo quarantine out of country,’ said Lombardo.

Elaine Carey, a travel advisor in Whispering Pines, North Carolina, said that she hopes Omicron doesn’t become a problem.

“My business has just begun to bloom in the past couple of months and boy am I happy about it, even though I’m overwhelmed. Now, if only that new variant dissipates quickly,” said Carey.

Many advisors are still struggling.

“I just had a lot of bookings cancel for December,” said Linda de Sosa, Bucketlist Travel Consulting in Houston. “Some for fright, others for new quarantine rules. It is very difficult to get people to book close in when rules and flight schedules keep changing.”

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