Hotel in Durres, Albania

Tourists are increasing, but Albania doesn’t have enough hotels

Albania does not have sufficient accommodation capacities. According to the Institute of Statistics, the country offers 95,000 beds for an average of 3 million tourists that are coming to Albania every year.

During the peak season months, Albania ends up in chaos; with tourists paying staggering prices for a room, which often does not even meet the standards of accommodation.

“Albania has 1/3 of the hotels that Montenegro has. Despite the new constructions we have 30% of coast filled. There is still endless space to develop in such areas. Albania lacks quality accommodation capacities; hotels and resorts with over 250 beds to ensure a continuous tourism,” Zak Topuzi, head of Hotel and Tourism Association says

According to the data, mostly the construction continues on the coast of Albania; while nature and cultural tourism continue to lag behind. The government has taken several initiatives to boost the sector; giving the status as a strategic investor to hotel and resort constructors. But according to tourism expert Zak Topuzi this serves as a way to avoid paying taxes.

“Three or four years ago, the government used a package related to strategic investments in tourism, but this was used by the builders of the skyscrapers in Tirana to be partially turned into hotels,” he says.

Although in 2015 Albania passed a law to rate hotel categories, it seems that this has not worked, given that the country continues to attract economic tourists. They, according to an EU report, spend an average of $380 in our country, among the lowest in the region.

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