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“Baby shark” to the rescue on Dubai-Tirana flight

Traveling with kids can be a difficult task, especially if the child is constantly crying. And a “Baby Shark” singing is the solution to the problem. Well, this was the case on a Flydubai flight from Dubai to Tirana, Albania.

However, the reaction of the passengers onboard after looking at the wailing child is winning the internet. Why, you ask? Well, to calm down the crying toddler, all the passengers started singing the viral song “Baby Shark”. Isn’t it sweet?

The now-viral video is on Instagram profile of the travel blogger Parikshit Balochi.

In other words, in the short video, a father can be seen holding his baby boy in his arms, who was crying uncontrollably. All the passengers can be seen singing “Baby Shark” to soothe the inconsolable boy. They even clapped with a smile on their faces throughout.

“Everyone on the plane passed the vibe check,” reads the caption of the post.

Watch the viral video here:

flydubai is codesharing Dubai-Tirana route with Emirates. As a result, they are offering travelers more seamless connections through Dubai’s international aviation hub. They connect Tirana with 155 destinations between both the Emirates and flydubai networks including Australia, China, Japan and South Asia.

Meanwhile, flydubai, legally Dubai Aviation Corporation, is a government-owned budget airline in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Its head office and flight operations are in Terminal 2 of Dubai International Airport. The airline operates a total of 95 destinations, serving the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe from Dubai. Meanwhile, the carrier’s slogan is Get Going.

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