Explore northern Albania: The Valbona valley

The Valbona Valley, part of the national park “Albanian Alps” is one of the most important tourist attractions of the north.

One of the most visited tourist spots in the park is Shoshan Canyon.

One stop at this point cannot be missed. Above this canyon, on a bridge, you can enjoy the fascinating view of the Valbona river; while down in a part behind the gorge, those who are passionate about swimming or adventures can even bathe.

About 10 kilometers beyond the village of Dragobia, on the edge of Valbona is the old mill that bears the name of the river.

Reconstructed several times, the mill has a pedestrian bridge through which it can be reached. From this bridge can be enjoyed even better than in Shoshan the color, noise and flow of the river as the distance is even closer. This location in Valbona has become an attraction for tourists because no one leaves without taking a picture.

Also, the peaks of the Albanian Alps within the park offer endless opportunities for mountain climbing enthusiasts . It has the largest number of peaks with an average of over 2 thousand meters in Albania gathered all in the Alps around it.

From these peaks differ: “Maja e Çet-Harusha” (2,042 m), “Maja e Çeremit / Gjarprit” (2,213 m); “Maja e Ismet Sali-Bruçajt” (2,235 m) “Maja e Thatë” (2,406 m), “Maja e Peçmara” (2,424 m), “Maja e Kollatës” (2,554 m); “Maja e Zeza” (2,585 m) and above all “Maja e Jezercës” (2,694 m). It offers one of the biggest trials of mountaineering lovers in Albania.

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