Accessorize your holidays: go “Underwater” with Artistic Jewelry Pirro’s collection

What do you think packing in your suitcase when you are going on a vacation? Jewelry is not the first answer, but we must admit the accessories are important.

If you are spending quiet time at your beach or country homes, visiting family, taking off to the desert or a resort town, checking out festivals or going on a cross-country road trip, you could spend time on a Greek Island, the Amalfi Coast, or travel through Spain or Portugal; all the scenarios call for some jewelry.

Here are some proposals from Artistic Jewelry Pirro and their newest collection “Underwater”, complementing your beach experience.

Dark agate and aquamarine set create a magical garden in the sea. Black pearls on the other hand spiced up by black diamonds and natural emeralds are the real underwater treasure earrings.

“Plazhi i Pasqyrave” (The Mirror Beach) – aquarium feeling like one of the best beaches in Albania. Hand set with natural aquamarine and blue topaz this necklace will always remind you of the deep clear waters of the south.

Underwater inspired earrings design, featuring organic shapes set with natural gemstones. Immerse yourself within the most beautiful sea-world.

Blue Lagoon set – the gem to have when going through significant life changes, as it may guide and assist you in making better judgments.

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