Airlines: Social distancing measures won’t work onboard aircraft

Keeping the social distancing measures is neither necessary nor viable on board an aircraft, the Airlines for Europe (A4E), the European airlines’ trade body says.

As the industry and the governments are thinking of the ways to resume flights post lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic, Airlines for Europe (A4E) urged the European Union to accept that “measures linked to the COVID-19 pandemic should remain temporary in nature”.

“It is not possible for flight crews to maintain two meters of distance while operating the plane safely. It is also unclear how exemptions would be defined and/or handled (e.g. seating of families onboard).”

Most commercial aircraft use High Efficiency Particulate Air filters, which generated air quality good enough for use in hospital operating theaters, making the in-flight social distancing unnecessary, they say.

A4E added that the best option for safe aviation was to screen passengers on the ground.

“This could be achieved through a variety of airport screening measures”, which could be “adjusted depending on the level of risk”.

EU’s transport ministers will be meeting this week at a time when the waiving of the EU rules that force airlines to offer customers cash refunds instead of vouchers for future travel when a flight is cancelled, is also one of the issues brought by the airlines.

3 thoughts on “Airlines: Social distancing measures won’t work onboard aircraft

  1. Seriously. It would be incredibly difficult to properly practice social distancing on an airplane. They are such confined spaces already.

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