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Albania envisages 2022 to be the “best year” for tourism

This year seems to be the best for the tourism industry in Albania. According to the central bank, during the first six months of 2022, the inflow of foreign tourists is 1.13 billion euros. This is over 440 million euros more compared to the same period last year.

The income from tourism is higher even than the 6-month period of 2019; which is considered the best year for the tourism sector. Throughout the year tourists spent over 2 billion euros.

Not only the generated income, but the number of tourists is also higher during this period. According to INSTAT, over 3.9 million foreign visitors entered the country during the first seven months of the year. This is 40% more than the same period last year.

Bank of Albania says the increase in spending by tourists is also influenced by the sports and cultural events. Especially the final of the Conference League. It brought many fans and visitors, giving a significant impact to activities related to tourism.

On the other hand, even Albanians who travel abroad have increased their expenditures; they spent 794 million euros outside Albania in the first part of the year; about 395 million euros more, compared to the previous year. This is also due to the easing of pandemic restrictions by foreign countries, facilitating the movement of people.

From January to the end of July, the number of Albanians who went abroad according to INSTAT, is over 40% more compared to last year.

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