Gjirokaster, Albania

Albania, Kosovo and Bosnia – how to travel from Colombia

Which place is the cheapest to travel to in Europe? Find out below with an expert traveler. Remember that the old continent is more than Spain, France, Belgium, Italy and the UK. There are countries like Albania, Kosovo and Bosnia also.

Traveling in Europe for a Latin American has become an unattainable dream, writes Cromos. The devaluation of the peso and the increase in the price of gasoline worldwide are factors that affect the desire to visit the old continent.

If you are one of those who travel all-inclusive, this note is possibly not for you. However, if you are one of those who plans every future step in the destination in detail, surely you will feel the desire to travel with the expert Stéphanie Carles.

The hiker recommends these three destinations for cheap travel in Europe.

The cheapest country to travel to Europe from Colombia?

Stéphanie Carles suggests taking a stroll through Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, and Kosovo, three nations that have much in common, but also differences worth knowing.

The wonders of Albania

Albania offers natural landscapes. From the pristine beaches on its Ionian and Adriatic coasts to the impressive mountains in regions like the Albanian Alps. The diversity of the terrain also includes lakes, rivers, and national parks, offering a wide variety of options for nature lovers.

This Balkan country has a rich and complex history. The country is home to many archaeological sites and historical heritage dating back to Illyrian, Roman, Ottoman times, and more. Cities like Gjirokastër and Berat are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites due to their well-preserved architecture.

Next to Albania is Kosovo

Despite its recent independence, Kosovo has an interesting history. Tourists can explore numerous historical sites reflecting the influences of various civilizations, including the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman Empires. The city of Prizren, for example, is known for its historic fortress offering panoramic views.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Traveling from Colombia to Bosnia and Herzegovina as a tourist can be a unique and enriching experience for several reasons. Cities like Sarajevo and Mostar are prominent examples of cultural mix, with visible Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian influences in their historical buildings, mosques, churches, and bridges.

Bosnia and Herzegovina offers unforgettable landscapes, from mountains to crystal-clear rivers and waterfalls. It is ideal for nature lovers and outdoor activities such as hiking, rafting, and skiing.

Unlike other better-known and frequented European destinations, Bosnia and Herzegovina offers a more authentic travel experience. It is a destination for those looking to explore places outside the traditional tourist circuits. Additionally, the country is known for the hospitality of its people, making visitors feel welcome and appreciated.

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