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Albania records more bookings in 2024

There is an increase of 30% of bookings in 2024 in Albania, in comparison with last year. Minister of Tourism and Environment Mirela Kumbaro, was at the “Tourism & Travel Show Albania” fair, in Tirana, where she praised the tourism industry.

“After “Fitur Madrid“, another important fair in the heart of Tirana – “Tourism & Travel Show” presents the Albanian tourism product in a dignified way from 100 exhibitors and offers great opportunities to exchanges of experiences and contacts with international buyers interested in the Albanian offer under the slogan of sustainable tourism and respect for the environment”, says Kumbaro.

She added that Albania has become a trend destination and that its tourism development is showing significant progress in the region and beyond.

“Over 400 meetings between businesses during the 2 days of the fair, promise more successful experiences for the tourist year 2024, already “booked” in over 30% more than a year ago. There are the tour operators themselves reporting this”, says Kumbaro.

In 2023, Albania had the most promotion in the international media for tourism. This translated in a historical record in the number of visitors. Albania saw over 10 million tourists last year.

Albania emerges as a frontrunner in Europe, showcasing remarkable growth in passenger traffic. It recorded a significant increase of 117.4% compared to 2019, according to ACI Europe.

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