Albania repatriates its citizens

Albania has started the repatriation of it citizens stuck in different European countries due to coronavirus.

An Air Albania plane brought back to Tirana on Saturday around 120 Albanian nationals from Rome, as they were stranded in the neighboring country after the borders were shut down. Albanians in Croatia also returned on Saturday.

So far, approximately 1,000 citizens have returned to Albania, as the situation in the European Union countries worsened and the repatriation requests increased. They were students, citizens allowed to travel to the Schengen area visa-free for 90 days, while there have been several humanitarian cases.

The Albanian government is covering the cost of the repatriation process, which is being implemented in coordination with the Ministry of Health and the State Police.

After repatriation flights from Rome, the process will continue for citizens stuck in Geneva, Lyon, London and Berlin.

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