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Albania sees nearly 500k tourists in January 2024

Tourism in Albania continues to grow, after the record of more than 10 million visitors last year. In January, 489,599 foreign citizens visited the country, as the official data from the Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) show.

The number is 30% higher in comparison with January 2023 when there were 377,211 tourists. January 2024 records an increase of 2.5 fold compared to 2022, when 194,237 foreign citizens visited the country.

Data for January 2024, as well as the those of November and December of the previous year, show the country as a year-round destination. From the south to the north.

The tourist villages of the north with many rivers, lagoons and national parks are attracting tourists from all over the world. Meanwhile the infrastructure for adventure tourism is developing.

Starting from the Albanian Alps, a destination that connects nature with sports tourism, to the southern beaches combined with the mountains, to the marinas and ports that will see an increase of arrivals, including Tirana as the center of tourism and culture, Albania has a great potential for welcoming more tourists in the coming months.

Number of tourists in Albania is increasing

Albania emerged as a frontrunner in Europe, showcasing remarkable growth in passenger traffic. It recorded a significant increase of 117.4% compared to 2019.

ACI Europe released the full year, Q4 and December 2023 airport traffic report. It reveals a dynamic aviation market reshaped in Europe by a mix of structural changes, demand resilience and severe geopolitical tensions.

Passenger traffic across the European airport network in 2023 surged by +19% over the preceding year, bringing the total volume to just -5.4% below pre-pandemic levels (2019). Albania, with Tirana International Airportstands with an increase of 117.4%.

In 2023, Albania had the most promotion in the international media for tourism. This translated in a historical record in the number of visitors. Albania saw over 10 million tourists last year.

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