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Albania shows strong growth in passenger traffic

Albania emerges as a frontrunner in Europe, showcasing remarkable growth in passenger traffic. It recorded a significant increase of 117.4% compared to 2019.

ACI Europe released the full year, Q4 and December 2023 airport traffic report. It reveals a dynamic aviation market reshaped in Europe by a mix of structural changes, demand resilience and severe geopolitical tensions.

Passenger traffic across the European airport network in 2023 surged by +19% over the preceding year, bringing the total volume to just -5.4% below pre-pandemic levels (2019). Albania, with Tirana International Airport, stands with an increase of 117.4%.

The increase was very much driven by international passenger traffic (+21%), which grew at almost twice the pace of domestic passenger traffic (+11.7%), with airports in the EU+market (+19%) overperforming those in the rest of Europe (+16%).

Olivier Jankovec, Director General of ACI EUROPE says: “This robust growth resulted in Europe’s airports welcoming 2.3 billion passengers through their doors last year – an impressive result considering the prevailing inflationary pressures and higher air fares as well as heightened geopolitical tensions. This is testament to the priority people give to travel over other forms of discretionary spending – and it does speak volumes about the value and importance of air connectivity.” 

Airports in the emerging markets of Uzbekistan (+110%), Armenia (+66%) and Kazakhstan (+51%) saw exponential growth in part due to traffic diversions to/from Russia, along with those in Albania (+117%) and Kosovo (+44%) on the back of Ultra Low‑Cost airlines swiftly deploying their capacity. Meanwhile, airports in the major market of Türkiye (+2.5%) just exceeded their pre-pandemic levels.

“For now we are keeping our guidance for a +7.2% increase in passenger traffic this year compared to 2023, which should lead us just +1.4% above pre-pandemic volumes,” says Jankovec.

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