Albania repatriates nationals from Germany and Greece

66 Albanians returned home from Frankfurt, Germany on Tuesday as the repatriation of the nationals stranded in European countries due to the coronavirus outbreak continues.

They underwent strict medical checks by authorities at the Mother Teresa Airport and are required to self-isolate for 14 days. The police will check if they comply with the self-quarantine protocol.

Air Albania, the country’s flag carrier, will continue repatriation operations in the coming days, until all nationals who contacted the authorities in Tirana, embassies and consulates are returned home.

The carrier flew back to Frankfurt to transport other Albanians stranded in Germany.

Earlier on Tuesday, nearly 60 Albanians who were stranded in the neutral zone in Kakavija, in the Albanian-Greek border were allowed to enter the country, after several hours stranded there.

The Greek authorities allowed them to pass, but then they were stopped by the Albanian authorities in the neutral zone, as the country has ordered the complete shutdown of the border with Greece, as a measure to prevent the spread of CoVid-19.

Albanian authorities announced that nationals, who are visiting Greece and have overstayed the 90-day amount of permitted stay per 180 days in the Schengen area, will not be fined and deported by the Greek authorities.

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