Balkan neighbors to ease travel restrictions

Bulgaria and its neighbors Greece and Serbia on Tuesday agreed to ease travel restrictions imposed to stop the spread of the new coronavirus, COVID-19.

Travelers from Greece and Serbia on business trips or with family ties, and diplomats, humanitarian and transport workers will be allowed to enter Bulgaria from June 1 without undergoing a 14-day quarantine, said Bulgarian Premier Boyko Borisov.

From June 15, the same will apply to tourists, the Foreign Ministry added.

The agreement between the three countries is reciprocal and follows a video meeting between the state heads of the neighbors, as well as Romania.

In Romania, the parliament has yet to decide if it will introduce a similar reciprocal easing.

Bulgaria banned the entry of foreigners in March due to the coronavirus epidemic. Cargo traffic was still allowed to pass through the country.

Under the new rules agreed Tuesday, travelers from Greece and Serbia will be required to fill in a declaration that they are coronavirus symptom-free.

Borisov said he was holding similar talks with Austria and Germany.

Nine EU states, including Germany, said Monday they were in favor of “progressive” cross-border movement, “provided current positive trends continue leading to comparable epidemiological situations in countries of origin and of destination”.

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