Pyramid of Tirana in Albania

Be a digital nomad in Albania

Europe has always been an attractive place for a digital nomad. Especially for Americans looking to travel to multiple countries while working remotely.

Some of the countries, besides having a rich culture, offer a lower cost of living, making them easily affordable destinations. The only downside?

Most countries impose strict visa regulations on US citizens. Generally they allow them to enter for 90 days out of any 180-day period.

The Schengen area includes up to 27 (soon, 29) European countries with strict visa regulations.

Among the five European destinations where American nomads can go, is Albania. Schengen checks don’t apply, and most importantly, they don’t need a digital nomad visa to stay longer.

Albania welcomes digital nomads

Albania is a country you may have heard of, based on its astronomical development and a tourist hotspot. It allows 1-year entry permit for Americans.

You can fly into Albania or cross a land border and get a full 365 days opportunity to stay there.

This privilege is not valid for Canadians or other Europeans. It is only for the US citizens.

Albania is a place that has all the qualities of a quintessential Mediterranean destination. It has pristine beaches embraced by turquoise waters, delicious cuisine, great weather and a fascinating history.

The only difference is that unlike Italy, Greece, or any nearby Southern European country, Albania is not in the Eurozone and prices are much lower than the average.

It costs only 1,145 dollars a month to live in Tirana, its lively capital and the coast is not too expensive, writes Travel off Path.

Beautiful destinations to visit as a digital nomad

A quiet seaside village facing Greece, with soft white sand, next to a major archaeological site, Ksamili is the ‘number one’ seaside destination in Albania, currently the most trending vacation spot, rated on Airbnb., thanks to its affordable rates. Accommodation starts at $22 per night.

Nomads have also flocked to Durrës, an ancient Adriatic port of Greco-Roman origin, colorful Shkodra in Albania’s mountainous north, and Gjirokastër, a city dating back to the 12th century and holding UNESCO World Heritage status.

Albania is appreciated for its lifestyle, friendly locals, warm weather all year round, (average 16 degrees Celsius on the coast in winter) and equally important, for its cafe culture, most evident in Tirana, and high levels of safety.

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