Tirana International Airport

Coronavirus pandemic: Majority of flights to/from Tirana International Airport cancelled

Tirana International Airport (TIA) has seen massive cancellation of flights in recent days amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Out of more than 30 flights planned to depart from Tirana on March 19, only seven of them did so. This included flights to Istanbul, Dortmund, Paris, Vienna, Budapest, Geneva and Brussels.

Flights to and from Italy, Greece, the UK were suspended by the authorities, while some air carriers like Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa and Air Serbia decided to cancel the flights themselves.

An analysis by m1nd-set, a research agency based in Switzerland concluded that Albania’s Tirana International Airport is one of the most affected in Europe due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Comparing international departures for March and April 2020 with the same period last year, it estimates that there will be 132,000 passengers less flying from Tirana, a decline of 58.7%.

This is mainly due to the flight cancellations to and from Italy. They make up about 60% of Albania’s air traffic.

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