Eurowings with Tirana-Cologne direct flights

Eurowings this March offers a direct flight weekly from Tirana International Airport to Cologne, every Saturday. Meanwhile in April the frequency will increase, with two flights per week.

“Eurowings has great flight deals from Tirana. We can currently fly you to 68 destinations from just €34.99. You’ll find a list of all flights available for booking (direct or with an easy connecting flight) here. This means it’s quick and easy to book your flight from Tirana. Have a look at our deals from €34.99 and take a relaxed, affordable Eurowings flight to your destination,” writes the airline on its website.

Eurowings is a German low-cost airline headquartered in Düsseldorf and a wholly owned subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group. Founded in 1996, it serves a network of domestic and European destinations and maintains bases at several airports throughout Germany and Austria.

The airline has gone through a major transformation in recent years. It was part of Lufthansa Regional until October 2014. At that time it began operating on behalf of Germanwings within their network. Since spring 2015, it has been redeveloped into a low-cost airline for short- and long-haul flights. By October 2015, it had also started to incorporate Germanwings’ route network as part of the merger of the two brands.

Eurowings operates out of bases in Germany, and its Malta-based subsidiary Eurowings Europe operates out of bases in other European countries. All flights operated by both carriers are scheduled, marketed and sold by Eurowings.

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