Italy to lift travel restrictions on June 3

Italy, one of the worst hit EU countries from the coronavirus, is set to lift travel restrictions on June 3.

Unrestricted travel between Italy and other Schengen countries and within Italy itself will start on that date, after months of isolation and bans on travel.

“From June 3, 2020, travel between different regions can only be limited by state measures adopted pursuant to article 2 of the decree-law March 25 2020, n. 19, in relation to specific areas of the national territory, according to principles of adequacy and proportionality to the epidemiological risk actually present in these areas,” the government’s decree reads.

Travel between Vatican City and the Republic of San Marino and neighboring regions will also be allowed.

The decree does not state the health and safety measures undertaken for travelers reaching Italy after June 3.

Since early March, Italy has had very strict COVID-19 lockdown measures in place, after it marked the first death from the virus on February 21. Since then more than 31,700 people have died in the country from the virus, third-highest among the world’s nations.

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