Ksamil, Albania

Ksamil is getting ready for the summer season

Ksamil, in southern Albania, is getting ready to host foreign and local tourists. Representatives of the hospitality industry say that the interest is high, especially from young people from Western Europe. They expect an increase in the number of tourists due to the expansion of direct low-cost flights to and from Tirana airport.

Hotels are being careful not to inflate the prices. In Ksamil, the preparations for the summer season include all aspects of tourism. During the winter months trainings and certification of guides and marine operators continued.

Ksamil, which became a popular beach destination in Europe last year, is ready for the new season.

In 2023, Albania had the most promotion in the international media for tourism, including Ksamil. This translated in a historical record in the number of visitors. Albania saw over 10 million tourists last year. According to the Bank of Albania, the expenditures of foreigners in Albania reached a record of 3.2 billion euros in the 9th month, with an increase of 47% compared to the same period a year ago and double that of 2019.

Check my experience in the southern Albania

Ksamil is one of the beautiful coastal towns along the Albanian Riviera. It’s home to some incredible beaches that look almost exactly like those in the south of France. Here, crystal clear waters back onto soft sandy shorelines dotted with colorful umbrellas. Ksamil makes summer paradise and is definitely a must-see on your Albania itinerary. Spend your time in Ksamil hopping around, discovering the town’s beautiful surrounding while bathing in the warm Mediterranean sun. It is a perfect beach-destination.

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