“La Belle de l’Adriatique” in Albania

Luxury cruise ships visit the coast of Albania

Although we are still in February, the first cruise ships have started to dock in the port of Durrës, the biggest in Albania.

The “Beauty of the Adriatic” touched the Albanian coast without tourists on board and only to change the crew.

“In Albania it is easier to change the Filipino crew, than in Croatia and Greece, for example, because there they have a series of bureaucracies and require a series of documents and a visa above all”, said Leo Stanic, captain of “La Belle de l’Adriatique”.

The luxury cruise with a length of 111 meters and the Belgian flag is the first to signal the start of the summer season.

“We expect to come to Durres and Saranda 3 times this year. On July 30 will be the first visit with tourists to Durrës and on September 24 the last cruise. This year we will bring a total of about 400 passengers to Albania”, said Leo Stanic, captain of “La Belle de l’Adriatique”.

“They are mainly French, but this year we will have many Germans. Also we will have many tourists from the US, Great Britain and Spain,” said manager Pedro Morreira.

“Last year we came here a little more, 8 times. But this time the company made some changes. We decided to stay in Greece a little longer. The route we have is very beautiful. Now we are trying to attract younger tourists. There are always changes. This year we come to Albania less, next year much more. This is to maintain the balance. But of course also to respond to the demand of tourists”, Leo Stanic, captain of “La Belle de l’adriatique”.

Last year, 22 cruise ships stopped at the port of Durrës, bringing with them thousands of tourists.

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