Plan to reopen Greece’s border crossings scaled down amid Balkan spike in Covid-19

The new jump of Covid-19 infections in several neighboring countries have forced the Greek government to reconsider its plan to reopen its northern borders to Balkan tourists, allowing only Bulgarians to cross into the country.

Out of the fourteen border crossings in the west to the east, only those with Bulgaria were opened for cars and caravans on Monday, Kathimerini newspaper reports.

On the same day, North Macedonia announced 103 new confirmed cases, Albania 69, Serbia 57 and Turkey reported 30 new infections.

In light of these developments, the government decided to postpone the opening of the border crossings until June 30, when health authorities will reassess developments.

Greece is keen to reopen the lucrative highways which bring thousands of balkan tourists mostly to northern parts of the country.

The country reopened its main airports to more international flights on Monday, hoping to kick-start its vital tourism sector after three months in lock down.

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