Plane belonging to Ryanair parked at Tirana International Airport

Ryanair with 6 additional routes from Tirana

Ryanair launched its first-ever summer 2024 program for Tirana with 22 routes. They include 6 new routes to Bari, Birmingham, Bristol, Budapest, Marseille and Vienna.

As Albania’s only really low fares airline, Ryanair is pleased to announce 6 new S24 routes for Tirana. The destinations are Birmingham, Budapest, Brindisi, Bristol, Marseille, and Vienna. They offer more choices at the lowest fares in Albania. This happens as Ryanair continues to deliver traffic, tourism and jobs growth at lower fares than any other airline. All Albanian citizens/visitors can now book any of Ryanair’s 22 Tirana routes for S24 from just €19.99 on today. We look forward to welcoming millions more Albanian citizens/visitors onboard Ryanair’s low fare flights to/from Tirana in 2024,” Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary says.

Over the next 5 years, Ryanair will continue to invest and grow in Albania, delivering more routes, lower fares, traffic, tourism, and jobs growth, having ended the high-fare carrier oligopoly that delayed Albania’s post-Covid tourism recovery. 

Albania had a record of 10 million tourists, marking 2023 the best tourist year. By the evening of December 25, 2023, the number of foreign visitors registered was 10,011,500.

The high number of foreign visitors even during the winter months, confirms that there is an increasing trend to visit Albania during the entire year, a positive indicator of the growth of year-round tourism.

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